Make Cool Videos

You might love watching films so now you also wanted to learn how to make one yourself. I wanted to tell you that it's actually easy to make cool videos. Let me show you how.

A long time ago, they keep on saying that you need to go to a film school for you to be able to learn how to make cool videos. Nowadays, you don't have to do that. You can just buy your own equipment and learn how to make cool videos by yourself. Of course you also need to know few theories but you don't have to earn a degree in school for you to learn those things.

Steps on How to Make Cool Videos:

1. Make an interesting content

You need to think of an interesting topic as a content of your video. People will not watch a boring video so you must make it fun and lively. Check out the news and the current things that is going on around. You might be able to pick a topic that you can use as your story.

2. Write your story

Even if you have a good memory, it is still better to write a script for your video. Things have more chance to happen if they are written in a piece of paper. This also makes things organized for you and your production team.

3. Take various shots

During the production, you must take various shots of the scenes. Don't just take one angle and one long shot because that will be boring. You must make a lot of variations to make the video really look great.

It is also good for you to learn the basic types of shot and angles applied in photography. In this way you can apply those things as well in your video shooting.

4. Edit the video well

Video editing is the final touch in the video production. You can use effects to make your video more cool but don't overdo it. It's good to place those effects in the video introduction but minimize them in the body. You must let the audience understand the story you wanted to show so don't distract them with too much video effects.

5. Review the video well

When you're done editing, spend some time to review the video well. Many times you thought you did everything right but once you review it again, you'll realize that you need to fix something. It doesn't hurt giving a bit of your time to evaluate your video well to make it really the way you wanted it to be.