How To Direct Actors

So the word is it can be very difficult working with actors, and that can be true at times. In this article I will explain a few steps that will make the daunting task as fun as it should be. To be a director you need to be very confident in yourself, you will constantly be criticized and you will need to expect this. A few things you will need are a good script and also a hard working and dedicated cast. Once you have your script get feedback from some individuals who work in the same business you can't produce a good movie without a decent script.

OK so you find a legitimate script now you need to fill your characters roles. A huge role is finding actors that are going to take you and your film serious. Everyone will jump at the chance to be in a movie so you need to search for the right candidates. You want someone dedicated to you and your film and you must feel that you can count on them to deliver. Now we can't produce anything without our entire team on the same page so it's your job to bring your crew together and just meet and familiarize everyone with each other. Explain to your team your dreams for this film try to have them envision their roles and how they need to perform to perfect these demands.

You will hold weeks of rehearsal and in this time you will need to make your ideas for each scene very clear for each of your actors. They need to know what you expect from there roles as to how there emotions and characters actions unfold, If your actors aren't on the same page as you this can come out negatively in your scene. Also if you feel a negative vibe or can just tell from the beginning an actor is going to be difficult to work with don't hesitate to replace them. They may bring a crowd by their popularity but there are many more who are jumping for the chance to fill those shoes.

One big issue you will face is time. Directing films doesn't happen over night and you need to make it clear that you expect everyone participating in this film to give everything they have. This will include getting to the studio on time also you need to explain the importance of all your actors remembering their lines in the scripts. Your success as a director lies in the hands of this team you hired so you need to be tough but you must show respect to gain it. One of the most important rules is to just have fun and be the best you can be.