Making Choices Between Books and Acting Careers

Your teenager is not an adult yet, and is not a child either. We all know how moody and temperamental they may get. This is also the age where they want to find themselves or establish themselves. It is also the most rebellious stage your child will go through. If your child is thinking of joining the entertainment of fashion industry, this stage might be a challenge to go through. It is also the time that both of you will have to make decision that will influence your child's life.

So if your child is called for a breakthrough career singing auditions for teenagers that will be held on the same day as the SAT tests, which one will be pushed to the background? Here are 2 important things to consider before you make that choice.

1. Nothing is written in stone, but some rules are in indelible ink

The entertainment world is dynamic but so is the academic world. Most modeling agencies will take models that are below 25 years old. Will this be too late to go back to school? Some test come periodically and can still be taken on the next season. Going for auditions may not mean that you have landed the part and this needs to be taken into consideration. Some opportunities come once in a lifetime while others have to be created.

Before trying to choose whether your child will sit the test and not the audition try to see if one of them can be moved to a later date.

2. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but all play an no work makes him irrelevant

The choice between rehearsing for auditions for teenagers and studying for an important exam is a choice that will have to be made daily. Most agencies will make considerations when your child is in school and will get work for him during weekends and on holidays, but when nearing the examinations this schedule may need to be adjusted. Your child may also need a social life and may need some weekends and holidays left free for family and friends.

There is always the choice of home schooling if the schedule becomes too demanding. It is up to you as a parent to help your child maintain a balance and make good choices. Make sure that your child understands that the minor decisions that they make now will in the future affect them. Graduating 3 years later than normal may reflect wrongly in a job interview in the future but if the plan is to stay active in the entertainment industry, this may not matter.